CBS Ranch
Charles L & Brenda R Bass
4991 Alt 75 Hwy
Beggs, Ok 74421
Phone (918)633-6191
Fax (918)224-5119

BBU # 4864



"Selectively Breeding Beefmaster's with Superior Genetics for  Beef Production and Profitability"

CBS Ranch is located 3 miles north of Beggs, Ok. (about 25 miles south of Tulsa). We have selective, over the last 5 years, built one of the top foundation herds in the Beefmaster breed consisting of 70 cows/heifers and 5 main herd sires. 95+% of our foundation herd cows are ranked U 1/2 and three of our herd sires are ranked U 1/2 and one is ranked U 1/3. Our herd excels in producing the finest bulls and heifers in the country backed by one of the top breeding soundness guarantees in the country. Our commitment to excellence in producing quality purebred Beefmaster replacement cattle for commercial and seedstock producers is unparalleled selling 98% of our bulls and heifers right off the ranch by private treaty directly to our customers. Our bulls and cattle possess the finest quality old and new genetics in the breed. We are not faddish and do not subscribe to the bull of the month club, we do little or no artificial insemination or embryo transfer outside our herd.

We believe:

  • Our cattle should excel in the Beefmaster Breeds Six Essentials (Weight, Conformation, Milking Ability, Fertility, Hardiness and Disposition).

  • Our cattle must possess clean sheaths, along with consistent body uniformity of top lines, bone structure, meatiness, angularity, conformation and eye appeal.

  • Our cows should wean heavy calves with no creep or implants.

  • Our replacement heifers and bulls should perform and excel in our customers breeding programs.

  • Strong commitments, guarantees, service and follow up after the sale are crucial to improving our breeding program and the herd improvement programs of our customers.

  • Our ranch support a strong show program through the national Beefmaster association and various school programs such as FFA.

Our ranch consistently produces (90%+) U 1/2 or better cows and bulls. Every bull we sell over 1 year old:

  • Has been measured and BSE'd. Our average yearling bulls scrotal circumference is 34cm and 1000 lbs.

  • They possess excellent to outstanding EPD's and strong libido.

  • All semen we sell is guaranteed flush quality.

  • Our bulls and their progeny excel in siring low birth weight and heavy weaning weight calves along with excellent uniformity, eye appeal and conformation. Our herd sires average BW's are 76-78lbs and WW's for heifers is 600+ and 675+ for bulls. We use no implants or creep feed. Our cattle must thrive on grass with some range cubes in the winter.

  • All our cattle sold come with a 1 year breeding soundness guarantee and are gentle.

Our main ranch is almost 200 acres with an additional 600+ acres leased for hay production. We don't intend to be a 300 cow operation culling most of our calves. A new cow/heifer must calf by 30 months old and rank no less than a U 1/3 to be considered a prospect for inclusion into our foundation herd. All our cattle exhibit the 6 essentials along with being extremely gentle, we do not tolerate wild cattle, plus any cow in our foundation herd can not produce less than a U 1/3 animal to remain in our foundation herd. If you would be interested in discussing a purchase or viewing our herd give us a call at 918-633-6191 or email us at CharlesBass@gorilla.net.

Central States 2002 Annual Convention Sale and Mid-America Beefmaster Heifer Futurity


  • Grand Champion Herd Sire
  • Runner-Up Grand Champion Herd Sire
  • Overall Grand Champion Female
  • Runner-up Grand Champion Female (Cosmos Fever)

  • 3rd Place Grand Champion Female

  • Futurity Winner Heifer

  • Overall Reserve Grand Champion

Louisanna 2003 Annual Convention Sale and Heifer Futurity


  • Grand Champion Heifer

Central States 2003 Annual Convention Sale and Mid-America Beefmaster Heifer Futurity


  • Grand Champion Heifer

Houston 2005 JBBA Show


  • Grand Champion Heifer (Late Summer)